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When Jake isn’t practicing his times tables, he’s at the playground boldly going where no kid has gone before. Luckily, when his giant leaps for mankind turn into falls, Sof’Bounce Engineered Rubber is there to catch him. With up to 13’ of fall protection, Jake can shoot for the stars. Whatever he dreams up, we’ll be there to cushion the fall.

Kids Dream.
We catch ’em when they fall!

IPEMA CertifiedComposed of 100% recycled tires, Sof’Bounce is both safe and environmentally friendly. It comes in multiple natural colors and requires little maintenance.

Perfect combinations surface for all play areas.

  • Fall protection up to 13 feet
  • Long-lasting
  • Low maintenance
  • Made of recycled material
  • ADA accessible in conjunction with Sof’Path

Available Colors:

Sof'Bounce - Colors

50 Year Warranty 13 Foot Fall Height ProtectionSof'Solutions - Made in the USA

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