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After dropping off the kids to school, Mary hits the gym for a little exercise. Whatever activity she chooses, Sof’Gym will be there to make sure she is working out in a healthy and safe environment. Even in the heat of a yoga class, Sof’Gym cleans up with ease. Whatever Mary dreams, we are there to help her succeed.

Grown Ups Dream.
We help dreams come true!

Sof’Gym’s interlocking connection creates a virtually seamless floor covering that is perfect for your home gym or club yoga and spin studios. Sof’Gym is easy to clean, non-permeable and non-porous to prevent bacterial growth.

  • Low maintenance, easy to clean
  • Non-porous, prevents bacterial growth
  • Do it yourself installation
  • Virtually seamless
  • Made of recyclable material
  • ADA accessible
2 Year Warranty Sof'Solutions - Made in the USA

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