Sof-ShieldWhat is Sof’Shield Outdoor made from?
Flexible, virgin, non toxic poly vinyl.

Is Sof’Shield Outdoor Safe for children with latex allergies?
Yes, there is no latex in the production or products used in Sof’Shield Outdoor.

What is the recommended maintenance?
A power washer can be used to spray the Sof’Shield outdoor area. If cleaning beyond water is needed use a general household cleaner and scrub.

Will Sof’Shield Outdoor decompose or deteriorate?
No, Sof’Shield outdoor is a durable playground that is warranted for 4 years and will last with your playground.

Is Sof’Shield Outdoor lead free?
Yes, there is no lead in the Sof’Shield outdoor product.

Will the color wear off of Sof’Shield Outdoor?
All colors will fade in the sun, Sof’Shield Outdoor has added natural additive to the virgin product to increase the tolerance to sun exposure.

Is Sof’Shield Outdoor water permeable?
Yes, the Sof’Shield Outdoor mat is designed to allow water to run through the entire system leaving no standing water.

Is each mate glued to the under surface?
No, each mat is glued to each adjacent mat, but it is not glued to the surface below.

Sof’Shield Outdoor is a rectangular mat; does that mean I can not have curved or circular selections in my installation?
No, Sof’Shield Outdoor can be cut to match any area or site with a recessed edge. Sof’Channel, a flexible trim piece, is used to cosmetically cover your edges.