Testimonials & Reviews

Sof-Shield“We needed to open up the Center in January, so the use and installation of Sof’Shield Outdoor during the winter months in Chicago was a great SOLUTION for us.”

“I personally appreciate the fact that the surfacing drains well after a rain and cleans well so it remains looking fresh and new. It has been a practical solution to a former problem in our preschool.”

“Potential customers express approval of our play yard when viewing the school. This is new since we had the surfacing installed. They say it not only looks safe but “happy””

“Staff has commented on the help the surfacing has been in differentiating the riding area from the climbing structure area where no toys or trikes are allowed making for a safer play yard. The result is the need for fewer reminders by staff to children while they are busy playing.”

“The children love the surfacing because of its “bounce” and also the bright colors”

“It’s a wonderful material. It feels like walking on a gymnastics floor, very cushy and bouncy.”
Mike M.
Worthington, MN

“The top three things to pay attention to at the playground are surfacing, surfacing, and surfacing.”
Gary Smith
Director of the Center for Injury Research – USA Today