Sof-SplashWhat is Sof’Splash™ made from?
Flexible virgin PVC

Is Sof’Splash™ safe for children with latex allergies?

Will Sof’Splash™ freeze in cold climates?

What is the recommended maintenance of Sof’Splash™?
A power washer can be used to spray through the Sof’Splash™ mats keeping the nozzle at least 3 feet above the mat.

Will Sof’Splash™ decompose or deteriorate?

Is Sof’Splash™ lead free?

Will the color wear off of Sof’Splash™?
The color will not wear off; however over time all materials will fade in the sun. Sof’Splash™ uses a unique additive to help slow the natural process.

Is Sof’Splash™ water permeable?
Yes, water drains through easily.

Does debris get trapped underneath?
The unique design allows water and debris to flow freely underneath. Regular maintenance, along with power washing to remove any foreign objects, is the best guarantee of cleanliness.

Can Sof’Splash™ be self installed?
Yes, a small work crew with basic tools can successfully install Sof’Splash™. Certified installation services are also available.

Is each mat glued to the under-surface?
No, each mat is glued to each adjacent mat (in a permanent installation) and it is NOT glued to the surface below. The border of the installation is secured with nylon pins that anchor into the sub-surface.

Sof’Splash is a rectangular mat; does that mean I can’t have curved sections in my installation?
No, Sof’Splash™ can be cut to match any required curves in your site. Sof’Channel™ “dresses” the cut edge.