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Let Kids Play! Let them Dream!
We’ll Catch ’em When they Fall!

Sof’Solutions Indoor and Outdoor Play Surfaces. The Most Complete Line of Recreational Surfacing!

Kids love to let their imaginations run wild when they go out to play. We say that’s a good thing. We say let kids dream! When they have Sof’Solutions surfacing underfoot, they have the world’s safest, most durable, most innovative surfacing available to catch them when they fall..

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Quality Surfacing for Gyms

Quality Surfacing for Gyms

Finally. . .quality surfacing for our gyms in Salt Lake City. Sof’Gym Active Surfacing by Sof’Solutions, Inc. is making commercial and home gyms safer, more sanitary, and more durable. Sof’Gym Active Surfacing is a uniquely designed surface composed of...

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Quality Surfacing for Splash Parks in Utah

Quality Surfacing for Splash Parks in Utah

FINALLY….Quality surfacing for Splash Parks? Sof’Splash aqua surfacing by Sof’Solutions, Inc, is making safer, more sanitary surfaces at splash parks near you. Sof’Splash Aqua Surfacing from Sof’Solutions is a uniquely designed surface composed of interlocking mats...

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