Quality Surfacing for Gyms

Finally. . .quality surfacing for our gyms in Salt Lake City. Sof’Gym Active Surfacing by Sof’Solutions, Inc. is making commercial and home gyms safer, more sanitary, and more durable.

quality surfacing for gyms

Sof’Gym Active Surfacing is a uniquely designed surface composed of overlapping-interlocking recycled thermoplastic mats made specifically for home and commercial gyms. The revolutionary thermoplastic is strong and flexible without that overpowering rubber smell common to most gyms in Salt Lake City. Sof’Gym is easy to install and can be installed directly over the top of any smooth, hard surface. The attractive mats create a gym floor that is inviting, attractive, and durable.

Many gym floors can contain bacteria and germs. Sof’Solutions tested a traditional gym floor in Salt Lake City and found small amounts of bacterial, fungus, and allergens. Sof’Gym’s non-porous mats prevent bacteria growth and clean up with ease which makes any gym a healthier and cleaner environment without the annoying rubber smell.

For more information on how to purchase or sell Sof’Gym or any other of Sof’Solutions’ product you can go to www.sof-solutions.com or call 800-523-5690.