Quality Surfacing for Splash Parks in Utah

FINALLY….Quality surfacing for Splash Parks? Sof’Splash aqua surfacing by Sof’Solutions, Inc, is making safer, more sanitary surfaces at splash parks near you.

quality surfacing for splash parks

Sof’Splash Aqua Surfacing from Sof’Solutions is a uniquely designed surface composed of interlocking mats for use around pools, throughout splash parks and in any wet areas. Sof’Splash in Salt Lake City makes for an easy retrofit and can be installed over an existing concrete surface. The attractive, colorful mats create an inviting, fun atmosphere for your splash park, and make it a safer place to play…….and, the mats comply with ASTM standards in four areas and are IPEMA certified.

Typical splash park installations in Salt Lake City in the past have opened their doors with only a graded concrete surface beneath the water towers and splashing features. If the concrete didn’t have enough texture, then the wet concrete could become extremely slippery when wet, causing frequent slips and the resulting bumps, bruises and occasional breaks. When the concrete surfacing was textured to the other extreme and had too much texture brushed into the surface, then in the course of regular play children would come away with scraped and bleeding toes, palms, knees and elbows. No matter how you texture it concrete in Salt Lake City never allows for a soft landing, and provides no fall height protection.

Sof’Splash™ can help prevent injuries caused by wet, harsh surfaces including: slips, stubbed toes, and scraped knees & elbows. The textured, self-draining Sof’Splash mats create a soft, grip-able surface free of standing water.

Any observer of children at play can tell you that they don’t walk sedately through water features. They dash, and jump, and sprint, and run, and stop suddenly and change course frequently. They splash and giggle, and squeeze their eyes shut while jumping and skipping in the water spray. Sof’Splash is designed to protect children at play by providing a non-slippery when wet surface with enough texture to allow for easy grip, and the flexibility for soft landing in the event of a trip or fall. Resulting in safe, fun water play, without the slips and scrapes.

The mats are manufactured from a lead free, flexible, virgin PVC material. The resulting mats are anti-fungal, prevent bacterial growth, and contain built in UV resistance to prevent color loss and sun damage. The innovative mat design and materials also prevent wear patterns from forming in heavy traffic areas, prevents color transfer from occurring, and prevents bacterial growth on the mats.

The mats come in a variety of colors including: red, blue, green, gray, white, and orange. Visit us online at www.sof-solutions.com for complete product specifications and downloadable CADs.

Specify Sof’Splash Aqua surfacing for your next splash park installation or renovation, and make your aquatic playground a safer place to play.